Alien Worlds Free CPU

Free WAX CPU for Alien Worlds Miners

How to get free CPU staked to your WAX account for Alien Worlds Miners

  1. Mine on Eyeke 21:10

    Only mining on Eyeke 21:10 qualifies you for free CPU stake. (As soon as you mine on a different land, the CPU staked to your account will be immediately removed)

  2. Submit the form below

    Fill out and submit the form below and we will send you the WAX CPU stake.
    **Bonus CPU Staked for “hodlwaxiopro* proxy voters**
    How To WAX Proxy Voting:

We will start off offering free WAX staked to CPU to 20 miners. Once one of those miners drops out (from not mining on Eyeke 21:10) the next account in line will receive their CPU.

** When we check the next account in line they must of mined on Eyeke 21:10 as their last mine or they will be skipped and removed from the list**