Anchor Wallet: Add Custom Tokens/Airdrops

How To Add Custom Tokens & Airdrops to Anchor Wallet

In this tutorial we walk thru how to add custom tokens and airdrops to the Anchor Wallet. This can be done for EOS, WAX, Telos, and any other EOSIO blockchain.

How To Add Airdrops and Tokens to Anchor Wallet

Time needed: 1 minute.

Step by step adding tokens to Anchor Wallet

  1. Go To “Tools”

    Login to Anchor wallet and visit the “Tools” sectionThe Tools section of Anchor Wallet

  2. Click on “Airdrops/Custom Tokens”

    Visit the “Airdrops/Custom Tokens” sectionAirdrops and Custom Tokens Tool in Anchor Wallet

  3. Select Tokens to Track

    Click the “Track Token” check box for every token you want to add to Anchor Wallet.Track Tokens/Airdrops in Anchor Wallet

  4. (Optional) Add Custom Token

    If your account has a token that is not on the list from the previous step, you can use the “Add Custom Token” button to add it.Add Custom Token to Anchor Wallet

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