EOS AMT Airdrop

Anti Mining Token (AMT) Airdrop

Anti Mining Token Airdrop on EOS

The Anti Mining Token airdrop on EOS gives REX stakers the chance to claim AMT tokens once every 24 hours.

Claim AMT (Anti Mining Token) Airdrop on EOS

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to claim the AMT airdrop

  1. Stake EOS into REX

    The more EOS you have in REX, the bigger the airdrop

  2. Send any amount of EOS to “airdroptorex” to claim AMT airdrop

    airdroptorex will then send back your EOS along with your AMT airdrop

  3. Repeat after 24 hours

    Once you claim, you can claim again after 24 hours.

AMT or Anti Mining Token is the opposite of EIDOS
. Instead of using cpu to take part in this airdrop, you give up your cpu buy staking your EOS in REX. Starting Monday, March 2, 2020 12:00:01 AM GMT, 20 AMT tokens will be minted every second, 18 of it will be stored in an airdrop pool and 2 will be given to the EIDOS team. You can claim a portion of this pool by sending any amount of EOS to the account named
airdroptorex. Your EOS will instantly be returned together with
some AMT tokens which is proportional to your REX / Total REX
. If you own 1% of all REX, then you get 1% of what’s in the AMT pool
at the time you claimed. Each time you claim AMT, it will be recorded and you can claim again after 24hours
. The minting of AMT will go on until 1 billion tokens
are created.

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