Telos Works 2.0 (WPS) Proposal Submission in SQRL

SQRL wallet 1.2.1 introduces the new Telos Works 2.0 worker proposal system functionality. In the video above we walk thru the new Telos blockchain Works 2.0 proposal submission in SQRL wallet. Telos Works 2.0 (WPS) moves on from cycles and introduces Milestone payments for worker proposals. Download the latest SQRL Wallet: For a walk thru on voting in SQRL...

Telos WPS 2.0 Proposal Voting in SQRL

Telos Works 2.0 (WPS) Voting in SQRL

SQRL wallet 1.2.1 introduces the new Telos Works 2.0 worker proposal system functionality. In the video above we walk thru the new Telos blockchain Works 2.0 voting system in SQRL wallet. Download the latest SQRL Wallet: For a walk thru on submitting a worker proposal in SQRL on the Works 2.0 system visit...

New Best EOS Wallet

Anchor Wallet Overview

The Anchor wallet is the new best EOS wallet available. Anchor wallet from Greymass is the next step in the evolution of the EOS-voter wallet. The Anchor wallet offers free EOS transactions via the free EOS CPU and NET using Greymass Fuel as well as transaction signing so users can interact with Dapps using...

How to Create Your Own EOS Reward Proxy

Create EOS Reward Proxy

Anyone can now easily turn their EOS proxy into a reward proxy with Genpool handles all the rewards and now even can auto vote for BPs that supply your proxy with rewards making managing your own EOS reward proxy hands off. To setup your own reward proxy on Genpool visit

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