Create Your Own Token (Telos Blockchain)

Creat Your Own Blockchain Token

How to create your own crypto token in minutes on the Telos blockchain using the Vapaee DEX.

To learn more about the Telos Blockchain and get your free account visit

Create Token on Telos

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Create your own blockchain token in minutes

  1. Login to the Vapaee Telos DEX

    Login to Vapaee with your Telos account on the “Account” page.

  2. Visit the “Tokens” page and click “New Token”

    You can get directly to the “New Token” page at How to create your own blockchain token step 2

  3. Create Your Token

    Create your token by filling out “Symbol”, “Precision”, and “Max Supply”. Then click “Confirm” Telos Blockchain Token Creation

  4. Issue Your Token

    Login to with the same Telos account used to create the token. Go to the “Issue” action in the “Vapaeetokens” contract ( and enter the Telos account you want to issue tokens to in the “To” section and quantity in the “Quantity” section. Then “Submit Transaction”. Create Telos Blockchain Token Step 4

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