Emanate Staking

Emanate (EMT) Staking for Weekly Rewards

Staking EMT -Weekly Staking Rewards

The Emanate Growth Pool is now open for EMT Staking. Use Scatter to connect your EOS account to https://dashboard.emanate.live/ and stake EMT to get 0.5% weekly.

EMT Staking – Growth Pool

All unlocked EMT, including that bought on exchanges, can now be staked into the Growth Pool

It can be un-staked at anytime

0.5% interest will be paid every 7 days, the interest is paid based on your lowest balance of the previous 7 days (this prevents cheating)

Interest payments are auto-staked to create compounding gains

Bonuses continue for 6 months or until 10 million EMT has been distributed


There is a 1000 EMT minimum stake and 500,000 EMT maximum stake per account.

Video by Hodl EOS

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  1. peteSeptember 6, 2019

    Thanks for the how to on emt staking Rob. I went thru the process with scatter, clicked on lock my EMT’s but the error that came up was ‘internal service error’. Any idea how I might get past this?


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