EOS DEX (Newdex) Trading Free CPU

Free EOS CPU for EOS Decentralized Exchange Trading

How to get free EOS CPU for trading on EOS DEX’s including Newdex, CryptoLocally, YOLO, and Findex on Bloks.io.

Bloks.io is now offering free EOS CPU for upto 25 free EOS transactions per day.

Newdex, Cryptolocally, YOLO, Findex Free EOS CPU

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to get free EOS CPU for free EOS exchange trades on Bloks

  1. Login to Bloks.io with your EOS wallet

    Visit Bloks.io and select “Login”. Choose which EOS wallet you want to connect with and select your EOS account.

  2. Turn on Free EOS CPU

    Click your account name. In the drop down make sure “Free CPU” is turned on.

  3. Click “DEX”

    At the top of Bloks.io click the “DEX” button to visit the exchange page.

  4. Pick Which EOS Exchange You Want To Use

    Choose Newdex, CryptoLocally, YOLO, or Findex and make the trade just as you would on the exchange.

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