Value Proxy: EOS Vote Stake Rewards

EOS Value Proxy Vote Stake Rewards

Value Proxy: EOS Rewards + Walk Thru

EOS Rewards Proxy: voteforvalue

Proxy your Account (tutorial in video above):

EOS Rewards have started! All you have to do is vote for the proxy and you will receive a daily transfer of EOS (staked to CPU) around 01:00 UTC. We also send out additional weekly and monthly loyalty rewards if you don’t change your vote!

Weekly EOS Rewards

Proxy weekly boundary for calculating long term bonuses is Oct 11, UTC 00:00 (every 7 days)
Weekly bonus for ongoing week will be distributed after daily rewards. And the next week weekly bonuses will start accumulating after this timeline.

*Account must stay in proxy the entire weekly period to receive weekly EOS rewards

Monthly EOS Rewards

Monthly rewards for long term stakers are accumulating all the time and that will serve as much higher multiple for those who stick around. We appreciate all EOS token holders who are committed for long term health of network and not chasing daily best yield.

*Account must stay in proxy the entire monthly period to receive monthly EOS rewards

Receiving Rewards

EOS vote rewards from staking to Value Proxy will enter your account as EOS staked in CPU. Payments start next day on pro-rated staked balance.

  • enables compounding effect
  • adds to your CPU resources immediately
  • secures your liquid funds
  • keeps your voting weight at 100%
  • user can unstake anytime he wants

For long term holders, the APR will be higher than 2.3% (that is minimum APR). If more people join late or if some people leave in middle of longer term period, you get bonus and your APR for holding longer term in proxy can be any amount higher than 2.3%
We are projecting that early stakers can get anywhere between 4-5% if proxy grows to a few million votes in a month from now. We are also going to announce some exciting promos soon. Remember, that earlier you stake, the more rewards you get.

Value Proxy EOS Rewards from First Week

2% daily rewards (there was one day when donations helped get to higher – so it becomes 2.1% on average over the week)… At current weekly pool status, we are looking at potentially 0.5% additional APR… and depending on how the proxy grows and how the monthly pool grows, we can see another 1-2% APR for monthly loyalty rewards. So, for current week long term stakers we will get to 2.6% already.

Distribution of Rewards

  • 87% Daily (vproxyrewrd1)
  • 6.5% Weekly (vproxyrewrd2)
  • 6.5% Monthly (vproxyrewrd3)

**These numbers are not official from the proxy but an estimate based on the current daily distribution of rewards from the proxy (voteforvalue). For every 100 EOS in rewards, 87 EOS are distributed DAILY, 6.5 EOS are sent to the WEEKLY rewards, and 6.5 EOS are sent to the MONTHLY rewards.**

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  1. BasOctober 12, 2019

    Hi Rob, this only votes for 10 block producers, why not 30?

    1. EOSio SupportOctober 17, 2019

      BPs must agree to pay rewards before the proxy votes for them


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