How To Stake DAPPHDL (DAPP) Tokens

DAPP Staking

In this tutorial video we walk thru how to stake DAPPHDL (DAPP) tokens.

When Staking DAPP and not DAPPHDL using the more involved method (covered second in the video) Use the STAKE feature on the “dappservices” page not the “dappairhodl1” page .

One click DAPP staking:

Claiming DAPPHDL Video

Video by Hodl EOS

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  1. BasJuly 27, 2019

    Hey man, great info. I have a question: you mentioned that there is 1 provider (eosnationdsp) who offers a reward for staking DAPP tokens to them? Can you elaborate on that a bit?

    How does this work? Keep this info flowing, thanks!

    Best regards, Bas

    1. EOSio SupportAugust 18, 2019

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