pEOS Staking and Claiming Rewards

How to Stake pEOS and Claim Staking Rewards

In this video we walk thru how to stake pEOS token (EOS) and claim pEOS staking rewards.

The new pEOS staking feature allows stakers to get rewards from the fees generated when users send private transactions.

As you probably already know, PEOS is a non-inflationary token. The total supply of PEOS is fixed and doesn’t increase with time, the way EOS tokens do. There is no inflation. So where does the earnings for staked tokens come from? The earnings are part of the fees payed for buying RAM when doing private transactions. Without getting into technicalities the contract can’t really estimate the RAM usage apriori, and therefore follows a conservative strategy. Eventually, when the transactions are in, that surplus can be accounted for.

Video by Hodl EOS

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