SOV Airgrab – EOS Deflationary Cryptocurrency

What is SOV – How to Claim SOV on EOS

SOV is the first self-deflationary token on EOS. SOV has a 3 phase, 21 stage variable deflation schedule.  The first phase is designed for accumulators, the second for hodlers, and the third for everyday users.

Every time SOV is transferred, a percentage of the transfer amount is burned.  This is done at a variable rate that adjusts according to SOV’s total supply.  There will also be a weekly burn of unclaimed SOVtokens.  The initial supply is 1 Billion and the burn rate will start at 0.05%.  Over 21 stages it will increase to a peak of 1.25% before decreasing to 0%.  At that time, there will only be 21 million tokens remaining and transactions will be free.  

What is SOV –

​How to Claim SOV

Every EOS genesis account is eligible to claim 5000 SOV.

You can claim SOV on many of the popular EOS airgrab portals including

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