Telos (TLOS) Account Creation Options

The first step to interacting with the Telos blockchain is creating a account. The Telos blockchain is built on EOSio therefore new accounts require some TLOS tokens to create for CPU, Net, and RAM resources.

If you have a genesis EOS account you already have a TLOS account. If you do not have a genesis EOS account use one of the options below to create your FREE Telos account.

Free Telos (TLOS) Accounts

Desktop Wallet


SQRL wallet is based off of the Greymass EOS Voter wallet with a full set of features for Telos. Get your FREE Telos account using SQRL.

Mobile Wallet


The CoolX Wallet makes working with Telos and EOS accounts simple for ordinary users. Create a new account or import an existing account in seconds. Send and receive tokens instantly. Review your transaction history.  Get your FREE Telos account with CoolX.

TLOS Account Creation Using Telegram Bot