Telos (TLOS) REX Using SQRL Wallet

REX TLOS using SQRL Wallet

In this video we show how to REX your Telos (TLOS) using the SQRL wallet. When you lend (stake) your TLOS to REX you get rewards from the TEDP, and from the normal REX profit channels.

*Make sure your account has some RAM available so you do not get an error when you REX your TLOS

Do not have a Telos account? Get your free Telos account using SQRL wallet.

Telos Proxy: hodltelospro

SQRL Telos REX Overview

Video by Hodl EOS

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  1. JimAugust 20, 2019

    The wallet throws an error message if you don’t have enough RAM. There is no sub-message saying this is the reason. A heads up on this for the lees tec people like myself would be a great addition to the video


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