USDT Swaps on Newdex

Newdex EOS USDT Conversion (EOS – Tron, EOS – Eth)

How to swap EOS USDT to The Tron and Ethereum blockchains and from Tron and Eth to EOS.

Newdex USDT (EOS, Tron, Ethereum) Conversion Steps

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to perform cross chain USDT conversions on Newdex

  1. Click Your Account Name on Newdex

    Click your account name at the top of Newdex to get to the “My Wallet” page

  2. Click “Convert USDT”

    On the Newdex wallet page, click “Convert USDT”

  3. Follow The Conversion Steps

    Select how you want to swap USDT and fill out the required fields

  4. Click Convert

Video by Hodl EOS

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