Protocol and DAC

DeFi on EOS

VIGOR is a crypto-backed stablecoin on the EOS blockchain that tracks the US dollar. is the decentralized autonomous community (DAC) that is building this stablecoin platform.

VIGOR is governed as a DAC launched on the EOS mainnet. It has up to twenty one custodians from our community which control multisig permissions to the smart contracts.

VIGOR Stablecoin Inforgraphic

VIGOR Stablecoin

  1. Borrow

    • Borrow ‘cash’: take a VIGOR stablecoin loan using your EOS cryptos as collateral
    • Borrow crypto: short sellers can borrow EOS cryptos using VIGOR stablecoin as collateral
  2. Earn

    • Insurers: Send EOS cryptos into insurance pool that backs the stablecoin
    • Lenders: Send EOS cryptos into the lending pool to be lent out

VIG Utility Token

  1. VIG is a fee token

    • loan fees are paid and earned denominated in VIG
    • pay the VIG, earn the VIG
  2. VIG is a reserve asset

    • A cut of VIG fees is sent permanently into a reserve which backs the stablecoin as an insurer of last resort
    • VIG is deflationary; the free float shrinks over time making it more scarce
  3. VIG users run the platform

    • Using VIG over time to pay/earn fees can make users eligible to cast votes for DAC custodians who execute updates to software and configuration
  4. VIG users get a crypto credit score

    • Paying VIG fee on time allows borrowers to build a crypto credit score

Join Vigor DAC and Start Earning VIG

Check out the tutorial on how to register for the Vigor DAC