Xnation Add Liquidity to Pools and Earn Fees

Add Liquidity Xnation Bancor Pools

Anyone can add tokens to the Xnation Bancor liquidity pools. When you add tokens to a pool, you earn the fees from others using the pool on Xnation for token swaps.

Add Liquidity to Pools and Earn Fees on Xnation

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to add liquidity to Xnation pools to earn fees.

  1. Go to Xnation

    Visit https://xnation.io

  2. Go to “Pools”

    Click the “Pools” button at the top of the page

  3. Select Token Pool

    Find the token you want to add liquidity to and click the “+” in the “Actions” column for that token

  4. Input Amount

    Input the amount of tokens to add to the pool. (you are required to deposit an equal amount of BNT/USDB for the other side of the pair)

  5. Click “Add Liquidity” Button

    Click the “Add Liquidity” button and sign the transaction

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