Xnation Create Liquidity (Token Swap) Pool

Xnation: Create Pool / List Token

Anyone can create a pool (list a token) on the Xnation Token Swap dapp. When you create a pool you get to set the fee for the tokens pool (up to 3%).

Create a Token Swap Pool (List a Token) on Xnation

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to create a token swap pool (list a token) on Xnation

  1. Go to Xnation

    Visit https://xnation.io

  2. Go to “Create”

    Click the “Create” button at the top of the page

  3. Select Bancor token

    Pick either BNT or USDB for the Bancor token for the swap pair (LEFT token box)

  4. Select Token to List

    Pick the token you want to list (create pool for) in the RIGHT token box

  5. Input Amount

    Input the amount of tokens to add to the pool. (deposit an equal value of BNT/USDB for the other side of the pair)

  6. Set Fee

    Pick a fee to charge users of the pool in the “Fee” box

  7. Click “Create Pool” Button

    Click the “Create Pool” button and sign the transaction

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